Wedding Speech

Writing your Father of the Bride Speech from the Heart

When we are talking about wedding speeches, we sometimes forget that besides various techniques, rules and ideas you have something greater: your heart. An abundance of power, life, energy and ideas, emotions – in your heart are many things! Why not learn how to value them and use them for the benefit of a great father of the bride speech?

Identifying the negative emotions

You certainly have negative emotions in your heart. Maybe it was someone who once told you something like “your daughter is no good” or maybe someone else took something away from you, like a car, a house, an ex-girlfriend. We don’t even realize that many times what we face today is a result of what we suffered in the past.

Where do your negative emotions originate from? Are they caused by the abundance of thoughts and worries of today, or they were there since ages? What causes the fire on these emotions? You should always try to respond to these questions, all of them, in an attempt to identify.

Once you have identified, the only way to get rid of it is by killing the source. Sometimes this means convincing yourself that what was once done is done, and now you need to keep going knowing that nothing will change what was in the past. So what should we do? Mourn over things long gone? No! We need to wake up and see – a life, a new beginning lying ahead. That’s what you need to embrace!

Feel the ease and the relief

Once you get rid of certain negative emotions, frustrations and unsolved matters of the past there is no other way but feeling the relief. You might suddenly feel happier, more energized and capable of new works. That’s the attitude you need before pouring your heart out into an amazing piece of wedding speech for your daughter!

Of course, as a man, you might not have a born-with talent of nailing it all. Still, you can find the way easily, not nearly as complicated as others might present their versions of “reality”.

Remember the good things about your daughter

Now, the next step is really pleasant. You need to lay down or sit down and start remembering all the good things. Again, it is important to forget about any negative experiences. Your daughter is not perfect and neither are you, but that is fine, because we all make mistakes and then learn from them. So, focusing on what was once good or amazing, you start remembering your daughter’s main life events, birthdays, other special days, friends, and various other events you had together. Whether you remember 10 or 200 of such events, it doesn’t make any difference. The process of remembering the best things can last multiple days, and that doesn’t cause any difficulty nor failure. Even more: it assures you that once you are closer to actually writing the speech, you are more than well-prepared for it. More

Father of the Bride Wedding Speech Guidelines

father of bride toastsAs the big day comes your task as a father can enlarge and in one quick moment you’ll end up very busy. The wedding traditions have their ups and downs, for example you can get over ahead with the wedding preparations and forget to make time for what it might require to have a source of inspiration. To write a father of the bride speech is not always so easy at it seems and the hard part after finishing with the editing starts with the big day of delivering.

As a father things can go easy or in some cases if you lack inspiration or ideas it might take hours or even days. The great part is that you can’t miss it because a parent will do everything for their child. Here are some great tips that will turn the big day into a memorable memory.

  1. Take it easy-write from the heart

A great wedding speech is always the one that will not lack funny moments, about some random but memorable great times together, and finally but not at the last those welcoming words that make the day of all the guests, including the bride and the groom. As a father you’ll have to find the line of moments that describe the relationship with your daughter. Try to add a personal and unique touch to it, make it in a sensitive manner but at the same time have it in a heart-warming style.

Starting early will give you the upper hand to practice well for when the time comes. You’ll find it a lot easier to put some thoughts together and wrap it all in a funny or classic, even sensitive note, this depending on the type of person you are and the context of your bride’s father wedding speech. The father of the bride speech mainly has to comprise those things that will make everyone love it, such as feeling a part of the whole event and the life of the newlyweds. More

Father of the Bride Speech Tips to Use

Whenever you are need for new tips for a father of the bride speech, it is recommended to gather your ideas and to be prepared for what comes next. However, sometimes it is not enough to have your own tips and ideas because you will soon realize how these aren’t enough for you to meet the needs of the speech that stands ahead. So, let us now discuss on this topic and present some great tips that you can use as soon as you have the chance.

Simple basics: allocate some more time

One of the first tips that I am ever going to desire that you know of is time. Maybe you don’t even have the smallest clue of how important the time factor is, especially before and during the father of the bride wedding speech, but also after it.

The first point is the time we need before the event. You will need most of the time to make sure you are prepared for everything and whatever your family expects you to complete will be completed in useful time. Trust me that this part is harder to be put in practice than it is to read it from these lines. Unfortunately, it is often so hard to correctly estimate the necessary amount of time for certain things. This is why so many of us fail in time estimations and we keep repeating these mistakes so often. Why are these mistakes constant and apparently general in every family? Let’s take the simplest example: making sure that you have the perfect suit. You maybe imagine that you will go to store X, get a suit for $500 and then you’re done. However, it is only by then that surprises will come between your ideal imagination and practice. For example, maybe your total budget is $500. Maybe you find an awful suit or many of them that you don’t like, within your budget, but then for just $600, you find something you actually wanted. You think it is not a problem, you allocate a larger budget and purchase it instantly, being satisfied about how perfectly it went. Well, yes, that might have been the perfect suit, but doesn’t this affect your budget for the other necessary things? And what if you need 2 hours instead of 20 minutes to look for the perfect tie? And yes, these small details can and will probably ruin everything. So, don’t be more optimistic than reality is. If you assume that this or that might happen, include the details into your time calculations. It is way better to estimate 3 hours for suit and tie and then requiring 2 hours than estimating 30 minutes, while requiring 2 hours. The first estimation actually gives you extra time, while the second estimation causes desperation, anger, frustration and a lot of stress. That’s your choice – which one is preferred in your case? More

Father of the Bride Speech

When preparing a father of the bride speech you can start with a list.  A list of what you need to talk about.  A list of who to thank and recognize.  A list of what your daughter needs to expect.  In order to have a great speech it is good to have an outline so you do not forget what you need to say.  The following is an outline of the speech:

  • Introduction
  • Stories about your daughter’s childhood
  • Welcome the groom and his parents
  • Stories about the man your daughter has chosen to spend the rest of her life with
  • The people involved in the wedding that need to be thanked or recognize

bride's father toastThe first thing you must do is introduce yourself, there may be a guest of the groom or his family that do not know you are the father of the bride.  Therefore, you need to let them know.  After the short introduction you can begin telling stories of you daughter’s childhood.  Maybe there is a funny story when she learned to ride her bicycle, or drive a car for the first time.  Maybe there’s a funny story about her first date.  Make sure your stories are all of good taste.  It is never good to tell embarrassing stories about your daughter.  She would never forgive you.  Her emotions are going to be rather high, and up and down like a roller coaster, so you cannot tease her with embarrassing stories.

The groom is the easier of the two.  Just let the groom know you are happy your daughter chose him as her lifetime partner.  Make him feel comfortable and welcome into the family.  He is already a bundle of nerves and will need all the reassurance he can get. You may include a couple good humor stories about him in your father of the bride speech, maybe the first time you met him, or when they came home and informed you and your wife they had made the decision to get married.  How did you react to this news?  Were you surprised or did you expect it?  More

Bride’s Father Wedding Speech

As my wife and I start preparing for our little girl’s wedding it takes us down memory lane. As the bride’s father I have been informed that I have to come up with a wedding speech. What better way to begin that speech than to take a trip down memory lane.

It seems like only yesterday I held a tiny little baby girl in my arms. As I looked down at this beautiful baby I had mixed emotions. The main emotion was an overwhelming love I felt for her and my wife who bore the bouts of morning sickness for nine months the excruciating pains of giving childbirth. I was amazed at how this beautiful baby could come from our love for each other. As I looked at my baby girl I thanked God for giving her to me and asked for His guidance in raising her up to be a good compassionate gentle young lady with a love for mankind. It is so scary being responsible for such a delicate helpless baby. Together, I knew I could do it with the help of her mother. We vowed to be the best parents we could be and did a lot of praying. We just marveled at each new thing she learned, from sitting, crawling to walking. Then we gradually saw her gaining her independence. We knew that this day would come sooner or later. I pray now, for guidance on writing out a great father of the bride speech to make my daughter’s special day perfect.

When our daughter first brought her new husband home to meet my wife and I we were very happy with her choice. She had chosen a wonderful young man that gained approval right from the start. We were very pleased with her choice. As I began writing my father of the bride speech, I knew I still had to have a man to man talk with him to let him know we approved and to make sure he was going to hold up his end of the bargain and protect and love her the rest of the days of their lives. He was taking over my most prized possession and he needed to know to handle her with care. I did not trust her with just anyone. In my speech I knew that I have to savor a couple of good stories to tell of our meeting with our future son-in-law. He had a sense of humor, therefore, it made it easier to come up with some good things to say about him in my bride’s father speech. More