The Father of the Bride Speech is Not Ready?

cheering upHow do you start? You are not ready for this. How do you give a speech when you are giving your baby girl to another man? What do you say? You remember the day you brought her home from the hospital so tiny and cuddly, just a tiny little bundle of joy. You had to put supports around her in the car seat to get her home. She was so tiny sitting in that big seat. What do you say in a father of the bride speech about you little girl? Although, she is no longer a little girl she is now a grown woman and is about to venture out of your tiny little world into the great big world. You sat up with her at nights, well, mostly her mother sat up with her, but you were there for support. You watched her gradually venture out into the world. It started with that first sleepover. Then she got her driver’s license, which was a giant step into independence. Then she got her first boyfriend, her first heartbreak, her first dance. Then one day she came home and announced her engagement to be married. That is when you first realized she had grown up. She was no longer your little girl. She grew up before your very eyes.

Ok, now this wedding thing is not going to be easy. You have to prepare a father of the bride speech. Where are you going to begin? Weddings are so stressful. You sometimes wonder why people have such elaborate weddings. It’s just the way things are. Girls want a nice wedding. They begin planning their wedding in their mind at a very young age, before the boy is even in the picture. It is a lifelong dream.

The stress begins. There are wedding invitations to choose fill out and mail. It has to be the perfect invitation. Once the invitations are on their way you must really get busy. The bride and her mother have a very long emotional job ahead of them. There is the bride’s dress to choose. Then the dress has to be altered. They have the mother of the bride’s dress to choose, it has to coordinate with the wedding colors. Sometimes the bride and mother of the bride are asked to help the mother of the groom choose a dress. They all have to be coordinated so they don’t clash at the wedding. This is the fun part. It’s always nice to go shopping for clothes and the bride knows exactly what she wants and usually has little trouble choosing a dress.

Ok, now all the father is responsible for is being available to help as needed and there for support and, of course, writing his father of the bride speech. The speech can be written step by step, a little more each time. All he has to do is jot down notes as a thought pops into his head. You need an outline on your notepad so you don’t forget anything or anyone. Following is a list of what needs to be addressed in your father of the bride speech:

  • An Introduction
  • Welcoming new son-in-law and his family
  • Thank yous
  • Special recognitions
  • Stories about your daughter
  • Stories about your new son-in-law

On your notepad you may want to jot down how to introduce yourself. Make sure you let everyone know you are the father of the bride. There may be some there who do not know who you are.

You have a new son-in-law. You want to welcome him into your family along with his parents and family. When your daughter and her husband said their nuptials, your two families were united. Your daughter not only married her husband she also married his family. You want them to feel welcome. In your father of the bride speech you need to make sure you recognize and thank everyone involved. The following is a list of some special people you want to thank and recognize:

  • The mother of the bride and the mother of the groom for helping organize the wedding
  • The maid of honor and bridesmaids for their help and support
  • The minister for his role in the wedding preparing the bride and groom for marriage and performing the nuptials
  • The groomsmen and the attendants for their help and support for the groom
  • The florist for her beautiful flower arrangements
  • The caterers for all the delicious food they prepared
  • The family and friends that helped with the reception

During preparations for a wedding there is a lot of emotional moments, especially for the bride and her mother and the mother of the groom. There are lots of highs and lows. Everyone gets stressed trying to make everything perfect. The bride wants to make sure she has the perfect dress, the perfect invitations, and the perfect flowers. There will be last minute changes and there will be tears shed, it will be a roller coaster.

In your father of the bride speech you want to tell a little about your daughter. You may want to tell some funny stories of her when she was growing up. You want to mention your first impression of your new son-in-law. Tell the story of the first time you met him. You can even add a little humor, tease him a little. Then you want to give them a little advice, but not too much. They are setting out on long journey where they have never been. There will be ups and downs, highs and lows, they need to hang in there and make through those times together. It’s a little scary venturing out into the unknown, but the love they have for each other will overcome the doubts, they will grow together.

As you end your father of the bride speech you will want to wish them many years of happiness in their journey together. You want to wish them a long and prosperous life together.

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