Preparing the Speech for My Daughter’s Wedding

It seems like just yesterday I sat in my wife’s hospital room holding my baby girl for the first time. I looked into her eyes and thought she was the most beautiful thing I has ever seen. I felt overwhelmed when the realization hit me that I was totally responsible for this tiny little human being. I looked at my wife and we each knew we were thinking the same thing. As I look back on the years I think how wonderful it was watching her grow up. Memories are such treasures, her first smile, her first gurgle, her first tooth, her first step, all so very amazing. You remember teaching her how to ride her first bicycle. You reluctantly let her to go her first sleepover. You taught her how to drive. You watched her go on her first date. You lived through her first heartbreak. You watched her go to her first prom . You proudly watched her walk across the stage and receive her high school diploma. Now she is getting married.

Now, you must come up with a father of the bride speech. What do you say? You must go down memory lane and sort out what you want to say without saying too much. The first step in preparing your father of the bride speech is to introduce yourself. Let everyone know you are the proud father of the bride just like you were the proud father of that tiny little baby girl in the hospital. You‘ve stood back and supported your wife and daughter for months now as they frantically prepared for this day. You feel like you have been on a roller coaster ride. Females are so emotional. One minute they can be laughing and the next minute they are in tears. One thing goes wrong and your daughter falls apart, but you are there to pick her up. She wants her wedding to be perfect.

There are so many things to prepare for a wedding. You have invitations to address and mail. You have flowers to order, and food to prepare. Florists are so important, because flowers require a lot of focus. The bride has to decide if she wants roses at her wedding or daisies or carnations. Then does she want them red, yellow or blue. So many decisions are to be made. The florist must also be prepared for last minute changes. Maybe the bride decided she wanted the red carnations instead of yellow, or she may decide she wants white calla lilies.

Now the bride must decide what food she wants for her wedding reception. Does she want chicken, pork, steak or does she want a barbecue. So many decisions to make! Thank goodness she has her mother there to help her decide. Planning a wedding can get so intense and emotional. The stress sometimes seems unbearable. In your father of the bride speech you must remember to thank the florist and the caterers.

In your wedding speech let your daughter and your wife know that you recognize all the hard work they have put into the wedding preparations and the stress they endured. Let them know you understand the emotions they experienced. Welcome your new son-in-law into your family. You can even tell the story of the first time your daughter brought him home to introduce him to you and your wife and when they announced their engagement to you. Welcome your new son-in-laws parents into your family. When your daughter and her new husband said “I do” your two families were united. Get to know each other.

When you give your father of the bride speech you need to recognize certain guest. First of all welcome your daughter’s new in-laws into your family. Let them know you are honoured to have their family united with your family. Thank the grandparents for coming to the wedding, those that are in attendance and acknowledge those that couldn’t be there. Thank those guests who have traveled a great distance to attend your daughter’s wedding. If there are any elderly guest in attendance recognize them. Give a thank you the groomsman and the attendants. Give a special thanks to the minister and those that helped prepare the food and the decorations. The minister has been a great help and support in getting the couple ready for marriage. He has counseled them to make sure they are making the right decision, that their love for each other is real.

In your father of the bride speech say a special thank you to the maid of honour and bridesmaids for all their help and support of your daughter in preparing for the wedding and to all your family and friends that pitched in when needed.

Your daughter and new son-in-law are starting a new life. They are taking a journey down a long unknown path. They are venturing out into the world and you must let her go no matter how hard it is. She will be starting her own family and you will reap the benefits of enjoying those grandchildren she and her new husband are going to give you. Life cannot get much better than that. Let your daughter and her new husband know that you will always be there for them, no matter what. You now not only have a daughter but you have a son. He is a welcome addition to the family.

As you come to a close on your father of the bride wedding speech you let them know marriage is work. There will be quarrels and disagreements, but the love they have will overcome those difficult times. They are not to give up when they hit that first bump in the road. Each little bump in the road they endure will only make their marriage stronger. Stay focused and always be good to each other. Do not go to bed angry, but work out any disagreements before retiring for the night. Finally you want to wish them many many years of happiness.

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