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Preparing the Speech for My Daughter’s Wedding

It seems like just yesterday I sat in my wife’s hospital room holding my baby girl for the first time. I looked into her eyes and thought she was the most beautiful thing I has ever seen. I felt overwhelmed when the realization hit me that I was totally responsible for this tiny little human being. I looked at my wife and we each knew we were thinking the same thing. As I look back on the years I think how wonderful it was watching her grow up. Memories are such treasures, her first smile, her first gurgle, her first tooth, her first step, all so very amazing. You remember teaching her how to ride her first bicycle. You reluctantly let her to go her first sleepover. You taught her how to drive. You watched her go on her first date. You lived through her first heartbreak. You watched her go to her first prom . You proudly watched her walk across the stage and receive her high school diploma. Now she is getting married.

Now, you must come up with a father of the bride speech. What do you say? You must go down memory lane and sort out what you want to say without saying too much. The first step in preparing your father of the bride speech is to introduce yourself. Let everyone know you are the proud father of the bride just like you were the proud father of that tiny little baby girl in the hospital. You‘ve stood back and supported your wife and daughter for months now as they frantically prepared for this day. You feel like you have been on a roller coaster ride. Females are so emotional. One minute they can be laughing and the next minute they are in tears. One thing goes wrong and your daughter falls apart, but you are there to pick her up. She wants her wedding to be perfect. More

The Father of the Bride Speech is Not Ready?

cheering upHow do you start? You are not ready for this. How do you give a speech when you are giving your baby girl to another man? What do you say? You remember the day you brought her home from the hospital so tiny and cuddly, just a tiny little bundle of joy. You had to put supports around her in the car seat to get her home. She was so tiny sitting in that big seat. What do you say in a father of the bride speech about you little girl? Although, she is no longer a little girl she is now a grown woman and is about to venture out of your tiny little world into the great big world. You sat up with her at nights, well, mostly her mother sat up with her, but you were there for support. You watched her gradually venture out into the world. It started with that first sleepover. Then she got her driver’s license, which was a giant step into independence. Then she got her first boyfriend, her first heartbreak, her first dance. Then one day she came home and announced her engagement to be married. That is when you first realized she had grown up. She was no longer your little girl. She grew up before your very eyes.

Ok, now this wedding thing is not going to be easy. You have to prepare a father of the bride speech. Where are you going to begin? Weddings are so stressful. You sometimes wonder why people have such elaborate weddings. It’s just the way things are. Girls want a nice wedding. They begin planning their wedding in their mind at a very young age, before the boy is even in the picture. It is a lifelong dream. More

My Baby Girl Has Another Man in Her Life

Wow, where did all the time go? When did my baby girl grow up? She will no longer be dependent on me. She has found someone else. This is not fair! I don’t want to lose my little girl. How can I stop her? Wait, I’m not losing her, I am gaining a son. Yes, that is what I need to do. I need to change my perspective. I must accept that this is the way it is supposed to be. Now, I can finally start working on my father of the bride speech. I kind of know what I want to say. There are no instructions on raising a child, but, I feel we did a pretty good job raising this child.

Now, what do you say to your daughter on her wedding day? You need to say the right words. You need to say what is on your mind as you write your father of the bride speech. This is her day and she deserves it to be perfect. You must get yourself together, the father of the bride is the first to make a speech, therefore, your speech has to be great. How do you introduce yourself without tearing up. Yes, fathers do cry. This is a big step. Your little girl is getting ready to go for a long, unknown journey. You hope you have prepared her for this day. This is the most important day of her life.

The first thing you need to do in your father of the bride speech is introduce yourself, that part is easy. You must make sure you acknowledge everyone you need to, such as:

  • The bride and groom
  • The groom’s family
  • The friends and relatives More