Father of the Bride Speech Tips to Use

Whenever you are need for new tips for a father of the bride speech, it is recommended to gather your ideas and to be prepared for what comes next. However, sometimes it is not enough to have your own tips and ideas because you will soon realize how these aren’t enough for you to meet the needs of the speech that stands ahead. So, let us now discuss on this topic and present some great tips that you can use as soon as you have the chance.

Simple basics: allocate some more time

One of the first tips that I am ever going to desire that you know of is time. Maybe you don’t even have the smallest clue of how important the time factor is, especially before and during the father of the bride wedding speech, but also after it.

The first point is the time we need before the event. You will need most of the time to make sure you are prepared for everything and whatever your family expects you to complete will be completed in useful time. Trust me that this part is harder to be put in practice than it is to read it from these lines. Unfortunately, it is often so hard to correctly estimate the necessary amount of time for certain things. This is why so many of us fail in time estimations and we keep repeating these mistakes so often. Why are these mistakes constant and apparently general in every family? Let’s take the simplest example: making sure that you have the perfect suit. You maybe imagine that you will go to store X, get a suit for $500 and then you’re done. However, it is only by then that surprises will come between your ideal imagination and practice. For example, maybe your total budget is $500. Maybe you find an awful suit or many of them that you don’t like, within your budget, but then for just $600, you find something you actually wanted. You think it is not a problem, you allocate a larger budget and purchase it instantly, being satisfied about how perfectly it went. Well, yes, that might have been the perfect suit, but doesn’t this affect your budget for the other necessary things? And what if you need 2 hours instead of 20 minutes to look for the perfect tie? And yes, these small details can and will probably ruin everything. So, don’t be more optimistic than reality is. If you assume that this or that might happen, include the details into your time calculations. It is way better to estimate 3 hours for suit and tie and then requiring 2 hours than estimating 30 minutes, while requiring 2 hours. The first estimation actually gives you extra time, while the second estimation causes desperation, anger, frustration and a lot of stress. That’s your choice – which one is preferred in your case?

So, there are details to address if you want an almost correct time estimate for yourself, before the weeding comes. But then, these calculations must include the parts when you prepare the father of the bride speech itself. Maybe for some expert journalists it would be easy to write such a speech text, but then not everyone is a journalist and even if you would be one, it is still not a guarantee that you could handle things. What guarantees that you can handle things is your time and dedication that comes from your heart. If you can’t convince yourself about these things, if you can’t tell your inner being something like “hey, I love writing my father of the bride speech” then it is very hard to handle it. What often happens is this: you’re at home and you have a couple of extra hours that you consider as free time and you are doing nothing important. During these hours you will remember that you’d need to write the speech text, but then some inner voice says “later is fine”. Generally, this is how days, weeks, months and in the most unfortunate people’s lives years can pass without being noticed. But then, what is the final result? The final results in such cases are completely unavoidable: they are things like frustration, stress and last minute solutions. Trust me that even if last minute solutions might work in some cases, it isn’t worth it for the stress, the money and the frustration that come packaged with them, being offered for free. This is the type of “deal” that you should really and completely miss!

It is also understandable and crucial that everyone knows how a speech is written. Do you think you need an expert? Or do you need you need to be so inspired that in 2-3 attempts you have already written a final form of your father of the bride speech? If this is your current mentality, you need to change it because it will obviously fail you. The truth is that when going through the process of writing such speeches you need to really know that it is a process. If it has 10 steps, you will need 10 steps. Now, as far as wedding speeches go, you can never know if there are 5 levels, 15 or even 55. That is of no importance after all, what is really important for everyone is to know that there are levels and to know that all of them need to be passed.

The very beginning of the father of the bride speech writing and editing is gathering as many ideas as you can. Which sources are recommended for you to collect ideas? It’s hard to define a list of sources, but it’s easy to define how the process can keep advancing. For example, you might ask aunt Mary, uncle John and a couple of friends. They might tell you great things, silly things – generally all kinds of things. Then, you will maybe watch YouTube, buy a couple of books and read this article. Of course, you will then be forced to begin writing whether you like it or not, because copying and saying someone else’s speech is not only rude but it is also disrespectful for your daughter. If she notices, or anyone else notices – your speech is doomed, simple as that. So make sure you use your time and your thoughts and hands to write things. Then, after each written version, there is time for additions, improvements and so forth.

The next level – understanding the details

Now, let’s assume you already have the speech. It is indeed a huge amount of success to have your father of the bride speech text ready, but there are many details to comprehend and understand. One of these details is that you need to be careful with the structure. If you miss the introduction, you have no chance to say a great speech. Then, it is very important to talk about the bride, the groom and, before the toast proposal, you should either find a creative thingy to do for about a minute, you can read a poem or say a famous quote. Whatever you do, these things are very important details. If you don’t follow these unwritten rules, you have absolutely no chance for a great father of the bride speech.

But then, it is also important to know how to say an introduction and how to offer the best toast ever. For example, an overflow and an amount of hundreds of jokes throughout the speech is nonsense. However, if you have a good sense of humor and a decent amount of jokes to drop in (during some perfect time within the speech), then these will be greatly appreciated and welcomed. As far as the toast proposal, you need to learn because there is almost no way that you could possibly say one without knowing details, without having some basics learned. The best trick is to download books or to buy books, hardcover books, on different topics that have to do with toast proposals for weddings. It’s not a problem at all, if the book of your choice is not about toast proposals for the father of the bride speech.

Then, so many details are based on how you talk, what you behave like and things like that. What you will first need to learn is how to intonate the speech. No, it is not a song to sing, but it’s definitely a text that can only be told in a certain way, with a certain voice. If you fail to do that, it gets really hard for you to move further on, in the positive sense of the word. However, the more speeches you will see online as YouTube videos and movies, you will begin to see and to learn what you actually have to do. To put it out differently, you will need to also learn the position of your head, body and eyes.

But what about such details, how come these are ever needed? Yes, this is when things will come down to what is called body language. Body language is composed from many elements and you need to understand all of them. It is not by chance that people will always understand messages that have been delivered in a “language”, which is called body language. So, what you need to do is to study how certain messages will be understood by the guests and especially by your daughter. As the father of the bride speech is being held, it is a huge responsibility and it is very important to know whether you can or can’t do a thing or another. For instance, you can’t really allow yourself to accidentally tell people that you are nervous or waiting to get home already. You also can’t afford to be confused or uncertain of what is happening there. In order to achieve a level of self-control which also includes the elements of your own body speech, you need to learn how to look at people, how to stand in front of the microphone and how to hold your hands.

What is really important is to control your own eyes. Trust me: people will always notice if you are looking in the right direction or not, they will always notice if you are confused or not. They will also know if you have fixed a look on someone or if you are acting natural. These might seem very small details, but they are essentially very important. Then, you need not to look ashamed or uncertain. You need to have a speaker’s attitude, especially during the father of the bride speech. This also involves a correct position of your hands, which is generally achieved by holding the glass of champagne before you jump to the toast proposal. How to learn these things? Read online and find some useful body language tutorials!

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