Father of the Bride Speech

When preparing a father of the bride speech you can start with a list.  A list of what you need to talk about.  A list of who to thank and recognize.  A list of what your daughter needs to expect.  In order to have a great speech it is good to have an outline so you do not forget what you need to say.  The following is an outline of the speech:

  • Introduction
  • Stories about your daughter’s childhood
  • Welcome the groom and his parents
  • Stories about the man your daughter has chosen to spend the rest of her life with
  • The people involved in the wedding that need to be thanked or recognize

bride's father toastThe first thing you must do is introduce yourself, there may be a guest of the groom or his family that do not know you are the father of the bride.  Therefore, you need to let them know.  After the short introduction you can begin telling stories of you daughter’s childhood.  Maybe there is a funny story when she learned to ride her bicycle, or drive a car for the first time.  Maybe there’s a funny story about her first date.  Make sure your stories are all of good taste.  It is never good to tell embarrassing stories about your daughter.  She would never forgive you.  Her emotions are going to be rather high, and up and down like a roller coaster, so you cannot tease her with embarrassing stories.

The groom is the easier of the two.  Just let the groom know you are happy your daughter chose him as her lifetime partner.  Make him feel comfortable and welcome into the family.  He is already a bundle of nerves and will need all the reassurance he can get. You may include a couple good humor stories about him in your father of the bride speech, maybe the first time you met him, or when they came home and informed you and your wife they had made the decision to get married.  How did you react to this news?  Were you surprised or did you expect it? 

In your father of the bride speech you need to welcome the groom’s parents.  Let them know you and your wife are happy to have your two families united.  The bride and groom are going to need support from both families.  Make them feel comfortable that their son has made a great choice for his wife.  They need not to be concerned about their son being accepted into your family.  Their son is as special to them as your daughter is to you.  Let your daughter know how special she is to you.  Let her know no matter what, you will always be there for her.

There are so many people you will need to thank in your father of the bride speech that you will need to have it written on a piece of paper and keep it handy.  It would not be good to leave anyone out.

For the last few months your life has been a roller coaster.  Your daughter and wife have been a bundle of nerves.  When the wedding day finally gets here it will be a great relief.  You will notice a difference, especially if everything goes smoothly with no major issues.  All the hard work and lots of money spent will be well worth it when your daughter’s wedding turns out to be the spectacular event your daughter wanted.  It is when her special day turns out to be perfect in her eyes.  That will all be thanks to everyone involved in preparing for the wedding so you need to recognize each and every one.

As you prepare your father of the bride speech, you realize you did not say enough about the groom, therefore, you need to revise.  You may even have to revise it several times before you get it right.  Let your daughter know the man she chose to spend her life with is a wonderful man and that you trust him fully to take great care of her. You can see their love for each other far exceeds and problems that may arise.  They will make mistakes, they will quarrel, just remember when you and your wife first married and the problems you had.  When a man and a woman marry they have to get used to each other.  You have been used to doing everything with only you to answer to.  You have always made your own decisions.  You come and go as you please.  Now, suddenly you have someone else to answer to.  You have to make a lot of compromises and sacrifices.  You have to think about someone else.  You are not taking this journey alone, always remember that, you are making this journey together.  You are equal partners.  In your father of the bride speech, let them know they are not alone.  You see that they have a special love for each other that will help them overcome any obstacles that may get in their path.  Marriage is an agreement between two parties that need to keep going when the going gets tough, don’t give up at the first sign of speed bumps in the road.  As long as you have a good foundation you can build on that and end up with a great life.  Always put the other person first and you will survive, keep your love strong.

As you end your father of the bride speech you need to wish them many years of happiness and to grow in wisdom and to always stay true to each other.  There will be many temptations along the way, so it be aware and avoid as much as you can, not straying away from your lifetime partner.  You each made a vow to love honor and obey each other, do not break that vow.  Love each other with all your hearts.  Never go to be mad at each.  Settle any arguments you have before retiring for the night.

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