Bride’s Father Wedding Speech

As my wife and I start preparing for our little girl’s wedding it takes us down memory lane. As the bride’s father I have been informed that I have to come up with a wedding speech. What better way to begin that speech than to take a trip down memory lane.

It seems like only yesterday I held a tiny little baby girl in my arms. As I looked down at this beautiful baby I had mixed emotions. The main emotion was an overwhelming love I felt for her and my wife who bore the bouts of morning sickness for nine months the excruciating pains of giving childbirth. I was amazed at how this beautiful baby could come from our love for each other. As I looked at my baby girl I thanked God for giving her to me and asked for His guidance in raising her up to be a good compassionate gentle young lady with a love for mankind. It is so scary being responsible for such a delicate helpless baby. Together, I knew I could do it with the help of her mother. We vowed to be the best parents we could be and did a lot of praying. We just marveled at each new thing she learned, from sitting, crawling to walking. Then we gradually saw her gaining her independence. We knew that this day would come sooner or later. I pray now, for guidance on writing out a great father of the bride speech to make my daughter’s special day perfect.

When our daughter first brought her new husband home to meet my wife and I we were very happy with her choice. She had chosen a wonderful young man that gained approval right from the start. We were very pleased with her choice. As I began writing my father of the bride speech, I knew I still had to have a man to man talk with him to let him know we approved and to make sure he was going to hold up his end of the bargain and protect and love her the rest of the days of their lives. He was taking over my most prized possession and he needed to know to handle her with care. I did not trust her with just anyone. In my speech I knew that I have to savor a couple of good stories to tell of our meeting with our future son-in-law. He had a sense of humor, therefore, it made it easier to come up with some good things to say about him in my bride’s father speech.

As I think about what to say concerning my little girl, I had so many stories it was a tough decision to decide which stories I wanted to use. There were stories when she learned to ride her bicycle. Stories of her learning to drive, her first date, her first love, her first heartbreak, her first day of school, first day of junior high, first day of high school, first dance, there were so many first it was hard to choose. What could I say in my father of the bride speech? I had to make sure I did not use anything that would embarrass her, so I had to choose carefully. Maybe I would leave out her first love and first heartbreak.

Weddings are so stressful. I was very glad I only had to be there as support. They would let me know when they needed me, otherwise, all I had to worry about was my father of the bride speech. When they chose the wedding dress, the tears would flow when my wife saw our little girl in the dress for the first time. I think that is when it really hit her that our little girl had grown up and was preparing to leave our home and begin her own life away from us. Although I kept convincing her we were not losing our daughter we were gaining a son. That help a little. Our daughter was starting a new journey down an unpathed path where there would be potholes and bumps around several corners. We tried to prepare her to know her life would not be perfect, there would be ups and downs. She needed to know their love for one another could endure those ups and downs. They would have to work to keep their love strong and their faith in each other with the help of God. Wow, I have a lot of good stuff for my father of the bride speech, I will have to cut out a lot to narrow it down to around six minutes. So much to say and so little time to say it.

I also had to make room for all the thank yous I would need to include. There are so many people I need to thank, I would not want to leave anyone out. My father of the bride speech would not be complete without thanking everyone involved and even some that are not directly involved with the wedding. There would be people at the wedding and a few that would not be at the wedding that I would need to recognize.

In my bride’s father wedding speech I especially need to welcome our new son-in-law into our family as well as his parents and family. My daughter would be marrying not only her husband but his family also. Our two families would be united as one.

As I prepare for the toast, I want them to know they are beginning their own family. They would be starting a journey through life and their love for each would help them make the journey. As I conclude my father of the bride speech I want to wish them many years of wedded bliss and happiness. That is what my little girl deserves and even though she is getting married I will always be there for her when needed.

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